Student Community

It’s not just a campus–it’s a community!

There are many reasons why students love Central Penn College–our career-focused education, accelerated terms, small class sizes and convenient class formats. But one thing that nearly every student mentions is Central Penn’s sense of community. 

Friendly Community

Warm, welcoming and friendly. That’s how students describe their experience at Central Penn College. It’s a place where you’ll feel like a valued member of the community–not just a face in the crowd.

Caring Faculty & Staff

Central Penn’s professors are passionate about what they do and they’re invested in your success. They want you to excel in your studies … almost as much as you do. They’ll guide and encourage you throughout your time at Central Penn College.

Supportive Atmosphere

College can be challenging… not only intellectually, but in other ways, too. Central Penn College has a variety of robust support services in place–counseling, advising, tutoring and student success coaches–to help students navigate the occasional bumpy patches that occur on the road to personal and academic success.

At Central Penn, we recognize the importance of building and sustaining a nurturing community where students are encouraged to develop, craft and write their own success story.

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What Students are Saying about their Central Penn Experience

“I love the friendly staff and close campus! The small size of the campus makes a close-knit community that is kind of like family. Everyone is so welcoming here and inviting! Overall, I love the choice I made to come here.”

“Things I love about Central Penn is how welcoming the students and staff are. I love being able to make new friends very easily and never afraid to reach out to the staff for help. Everyone always checks in on you and makes sure no one is left out.”

“I love the small community that Central Penn offers. I have developed meaningful relationships among members of my cohort that I expect to long outlive my time at school. This is a meaningful aspect that many universities cannot offer!”

“My favorite part about Central Penn is that no student is left out. The college hears all students’ opinions and seeks out to understand their needs. And there are plenty of opportunities that are extracurricular and/or career oriented for each student. That’s what makes Central Penn different from all colleges.”

“I love that we have a smaller community that makes it easier for stronger bonds to form and everyone to be familiar with their fellow students.”

*Quotes are from a 2018 survey of Central Penn College students conducted on social media.

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